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Luxurious Cut Phalaenopsis

Stunning large blooms average 5.5" in diameter. 7-9 blooms on a stem. Stems are measured approximately 30" long.​

Only the finest phalaenopsis can present the pure elegance with sparkle.



To deliver fresh and high quality luxurious cut phalaenopsis to our valued customers, we have put countless effort in the greenhouses with intelligent temperature control system and intensive irrigation system, daylight control, other technologies and methods that help us to achieve a suitable growing environment for the phalaenopsis with efficiency and also is sustainable to our Mother Nature.



More important than those elements mentioned before, what we value the most is our well-trained employees who cultivate the phalaenopsis with extra care. Over the past periods, South Pacific Orchids has built up several standard procedures based on the past experience, those including orchid selection and treatment, protective packaging against cold and impact, and the efficient temperature control during the whole cutting process.


Also, we have cooperated with well-known logistics couriers company, FedEx Express to ensure a fast, secure, and reliable shipping journey for our graceful beauty.

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