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A little information about packaging and shipping...

1. Selection


Each phalaenopsis stem are carefully selected and chosen for the pure perfection.


From the cut process to packaging, each stem is kept in a suitable environment with temperature and moisture control.

2. Procedure


Right after the stems are cut, they are installed with a water tube immediately, so the phalaenopsis can keep its fresh and beauty during its shipping journey whether to Hawaii or New York City.


Each box contains 12 -13 stems, with a total approximately of 84-107 blooms and each stem is measured around 30” long. Plenty of cotton is applied for each box to maintain temperature and reducing impact.

3. Lock N' Load


The boxes are then machine-strapped into one or more package using high-quality polypropylene strapping to keep all the boxes together for shipment and secure each package from mis-shipping or potential shipping risk.


During winter time, minimum of one layer of thermal insulation protection will be applied to each package in case of severe temperature conditions.

4. Locked N' Loaded


When the packaging is done, each package will be assigned with a specific tracking number which makes our customer easier to track the time and place where the package actually is.


All the packages are proudly delivered by FedEx Priority Overnight to ensures each package will be delivered before 10:30am the day after the shipping date*.



* Because of the nature of our live-plant products, please understand that While FedEx are reliable at meeting delivery dates and times, in a limited number of cases, your shipment might arrive 1-2 days before or after your scheduled delivery date due to factors resulting from weather, merchandise processing times, FedEx flight delays, and other uncontrollable and unforeseeable factors. For more information, please see Terms of Sales located at the bottom of our website

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