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Luxurious Purple Cut Phalaenopsis

Luxurious Purple Cut Phalaenopsis

$250.00 Regular Price
$216.00Sale Price
Only the finest phalaenopsis can present the pure elegance with sparkle. 
  • Details

    12 stems in a box. Each stem for $18.00 with total of $216.00 a box. Free shipping.

    1. Phalaenopsis Orchids have an average of 7-9 blooms on a stem.

    2. Stunning large blooms of an average around 5" in diameter.

    3. Each stem length comes with an average of 30" long, and with water tubes for temporary water supply during shipping.

    4. The sturdy packaging box contains several layers of cotton inside to protect from any impact that may cause during the shipment. An optional thermal insulation wrap for cold temperature is also available upon request.

    5. When placed in vase, the blooms' life is expected to last for around 2 weeks.

    6. Package contents and prices may vary based on the seasonal availability, and are subject to change due to weather or other conditions.

    7. All packages are delivered via FedEx Express. Any shipment might arrive 1-2 days after your scheduled delivery date due to weather, work station processing times, FedEX flight delays, and other uncontrollable and unforeseeable factors.
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