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General FAQ's

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What is "Feng Shui"?


Feng Shui literally means "wind" and "water". Like wind and water, its principles involve movement, flow, circulation, and the harmonious rhythm of natural energies. According to Chinese belief, a vital energy called "chi" animates all life. Chi flows through the earth, through the heavens, and through our bodies. Chi that flows through our environments, our homes, work places, and communities can also become blocked. Just as a flower garden can't thrive if it is clogged up, Feng Shui's intent is to balance and focus the chi in a particular environment and to correctly align it with the forces of nature. When our environments are in harmony with the universe, the "three great blessings" - health, happiness, and prosperity can be achieved.


Do bamboo grow roots, branches, or spread out quickly?

It is hard to control the growth of real bamboo plants in the yard or in a pot. Luckily bamboo is a stick that will only grow a few inches of roots and sprouts, and definitely will not grow any branches or babies.


How does the bamboo get curled?


People see the fancy curls or wavy ones and think that Lucky Bamboo can grow that way. Lucky Bamboo actually only grows straight and does not grow curly or wavy at all. Farmers have to lay them on a huge long table in the hot house, cover 3 sides in the dark, one side has bright light and let them grow naturally toward the light, and manually rotate them periodically; more work, more curl. It takes an average of 1.5 years to make one curl.


Can I get the bamboo to curl?

Yes, you can do this yourself and make it curl like farmers do when the stick is fresh and young. The stick is not going to grow longer but it can turn when it feels the light coming from only one side for certain length of time.


Will the bamboo plant sticks grow taller?


No, all the sticks receive special treatment when they have reached the shape and length needed. They only keep growing green leaves and stay green in either water or soil.


What is the meaning of Lucky Bamboo numbers?


Ancient Chinese tradition has it that the number of lucky bamboo stalks have different meanings and bring different beneficial factors into your life. The ingredients for a happy life are Happiness, Wealth and Longevity.


3 stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Bring Fu (Happiness), Lu (Wealth) and Soh (Longevity).


5 stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Represent the 5 different parts of life from which wealth spurs from.


6 stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Also sounds like "Luck" in Chinese, bringing prosperity and favorable conditions.


7 stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Good health.


8 stalks of Lucky Bamboo: In the Chinese spoken language sounds like "Fah" which means to grow, thrive.


10 stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Complete and perfect.


21 stalks of Lucky Bamboo: To offer very powerful all purpose blessing.

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