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Why fruit tree does not fruit?


Age: Many varieties need to be 3 to 4 years or older . Older trees may need feeding and pruning to rejuvenate.


Frost: Late frost during blooming time.


Pollination: Some varieties require another tree to pollinize. Rains can affect pollen during bloom time.


Pruning: With improper pruning, all fruit wood could be cut off. There are a number of good booklets out with good pruning advice.


Chilling: Planting wrong varieties for the climate. All fruit and nut trees need a specific amount of chilling hours before they will produce fruit. Chilling refers to the number of hours, 45 deg F and under, during the dormancy period. The amount varies with each variety and the hours need not be continous.


Location: Planting in overly windy areas can cause fruit loss. The amount of chilling hours received by a tree can be affected by how close the tree is planted to a warm object such as building.


Water: Over watering can cause premature fruit drop, especially on persimmons. Planting fruit trees in springled lawns is not recommended. Lack of deep watering can also cause fruit drop. Fall shock or stress can effect next year's fruit.


Fertilizer: Lack of food at critical times,

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